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Functions pro


- 5 process

- Look Ahead

- Teach-in

- Gantry axis

- Master-slave axis control

- Rapid axis positioning

- 8 axis helical/linear interpolation

- Circular interpolation CW

- Circular interpolation CCW

- Helical interpolation

- Dwell at end of block

- Deceleration at end of block

- Selects the interpolation plane

- High level geometric programming

- Continuous operation with automatic speed reduction on corners

- Continuous operation without automatic speed reduction on corners

- Point to point operation

- Constant or variable pitch thread

- Offset disable on profile

- Offset enable on profile (tool left/right to part)

- Inch and metric programming

- Point measure with radius offset

- Measure of hole parameters

- Delta of a theoretical point without radius offset

- Programming of coordinates referred to machine zero (only valid within the block)

- Fixed cycle disable

- Drilling cycle

- Spot-facing cycle

- Deep drilling cycle

- Tapping cycle

- Reaming cycle

- Boring cycle

- Boring cycle with dwell

- Absolute programming

- Incremental programming

- Feed rate expressed as the inverse of the item execution time.

- Feed rate expressed in mm/min or in/min

- Feed rate in mm/rev

- Spindle speed in m/min

- Spindle speed in rev/min

- Polar and cylindrical transformations

- 3D compensations

- 5D transformation with tool orientation

- 4D transformation

- Concatenated transformations

- C-spline interpolation

- NURBS interpolation

- Oscillation functions

- Active reset

- Protection zones 2D/3D

- Quadrant error compensation

- Sag compensation, multidimensional

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